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Angora Goat: Most Important Information For Selecting the Goat Breed

Angora goat is a popular breed of domestic goat valued for various functions, which are worthy of mention, especially in the context of their integral role in complex agriculture systems. The breed is originating in ancient times in the district of Angora in Asia Minor. Mohair from Angora goats is the fiber of economic importance.

Why is Angora Goat Important for the Economy?

Angora goats are one of the most famous goat breeds in the world. Mohair the fiber from the breed’s fleece and the industry supports more than 800 South African farms and an estimated 30,000 dependents. The fiber is very similar to wool in chemical composition, but it differs by having a much smoother surface. Fifty percent of the world’s Mohair is produced in South Africa.

Importance of Angora Goat

Origin of the Breed

This breed originated in the province of Angora in Turkey, and the breed originated before Biblical times, possibly as early as 1970 BC. The Angora goat spread into Europe about 1550 AD and to the USA in 1894.

Origin of Angora Goats

Characteristics of Angora Goat 

The breed usually is smaller than other domestic sheep and goats. The heavy and robust elastic fiber of the coat differs from wool primarily in its luster and smoothness. Both male and female sexes are horned, and the ears are drooping and long. 

Physical Characteristics of Goat

Size, Bodyweight, and Life Span of the Angora

The goat is a considerable variation in size and body weight. The goats are small concerning dairy sheep and goats. The adult females stand 36 inches, and the males stand for 48 inches tall. The average buck’s weight is 60-80 kg, and the average does weight 40-50 kg. The average lifespan is about ten years in normal condition.

Size of Angora Goat

What Color is Angora Goats?

In 1998, the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association was set up to promote the breeding of colored Angoras. Angora goats now produce black or deep black to greys and silver, white, red that is the color that fades significantly as the breed gets older, and brownish fibers.

Goats of Asia Minor

The Fiber of Angora Goat 

The main products of the goats are their mohair fiber. Mohair, the fiber from these breeds, is very similar to wool in chemical composition, but it differs by having a much smoother and surface. The fibers are powerful and, therefore, used for upholding streams. Since they lack the insulating properties of wool, they are used for producing summer clothes. 

Mohair of Angora Goats

The Angora goat’s fleece grows at a rate of one inch per month, and typically, the animals are clipped twice a year. Record fleece of 10 kg has been obtained from one animal. Besides mohair production, they are used for meat production also. An average yield of 3.5 kg of Mohair annually is obtained from does and 5 kg from bucks.

Angora Goats Personality and Abilities

The goats are friendly and easy keepers, and nowadays, they are available throughout the world. The breeds are one of the most efficient fiber producers and are extreme animals. They are hardy, and they can survive work do very well in almost all climatic conditions. Their performance is very well, and if you want a docile, lovable goat, the Angora goat may be the one for you. They can survive on low-quality grazing conditions and feeding.

Personality of Goats

Versatile Uses of Angora Goat

The common uses of angora goats are:

  • The farmers mainly raise the goat for their hair production.
  • The breed produces very high and bright quality hair.
  • It is a fiber producing goat breed.
  • The breed produces a good quality lustrous fiber that is known as Mohair.
  • Sometimes the goats raise for as pets.
  • They are also be used for meat production.

Uses of Angora Goats

Concluding Remarks 

Angora is one of the most famous and economically essential goat breeds in the world. The goat was originated in Asia Minor but presently distributed throughout the world. They produced the finest Mohair and used it for clothes. The demand for angora clothes is the highest in many parts of the world. In my article, I have highlighted the salient features of the breed in brief.

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