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Body Condition Score Cat: You Must Assess the Health of Your Lovely Cat

A survey shows that more than 50% of cats in the United Kingdom are obese. The obesity of the cats means the individual cat is overweight more than 10 to 20 % of their average body weight. The body condition score cat determines the present health situation. Cat BCS will help you to select the correct ration scale. If you want to keep your cat healthy, it is essential to assess the BCS throughout its life.

Body Condition Score Cat

Your Cats tend to accumulate often fat just anterior to the inguinal region. In addition, overweight cats develop skin folds and underlying in the flank area. Physical evaluation of the animal’s gait, exercise tolerance, and overall appearance can also be used to support a diagnosis of obesity.

Cat BCS Chart

Cat BCS 1: Thin

  • The ribs, pelvic bones, and lumbar vertebrae are visible at a considerable distance and felt without pressure.
  • No palpable fatty tissues over the tail base, spine, or ribs.
  • Diminished muscle mass.
  • Extreme concave abdominal tuck when viewed from the side.
  • Extreme hourglass shape when viewed from above.

Cat BCS- Thin

Body Condition Score Cat 2: Underweight

  • The ribs of the underweight dog palpable with little pressure may be visible from far.
  • Minimal palpable fatty tissues over ribs, spine, and tail base.
  • Increased concave abdominal tuck when viewed from the side.
  • Marked hourglass shape to the waist when viewed from above.
  • No visible ventral fat pad.

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  • Ribs and spine palpable with a slight pressure but not visible, no excess fat covering.
  • Good muscle tone apparent.
  • Concave abdominal tuck when viewed from the side.
  • Hourglass shape to the waist when viewed from above.
  • Minimal ventral fat pad palpable.

Body Condition Score Cat- Ideal

Cat BCS 4: Overweight

  • The ribs of the overweight dogs are palpable with increased pressure, ribs are not visible, and they have excess fat tissues covering them.
  • Generally, the dog is in a hefty appearance.
  • The abdominal concave structure is reduced or absent when viewed from the side.
  • Loss of hourglass shape to the waist with the back slightly widened when viewed above. 
  • Visible ventral fat pad.

Overweight Cat

Body Condition Score 5: Obese

  • Ribs and spine are not palpable under a heavy fat covering.
  • Fat deposits are visible over the lumbar area, tail base, and spine.
  • Loss of hourglass shape to the waist.
  • Complete loss of abdominal tuck.
  • The back is markedly widened.
  • Prominent central fat pad, which may sway from side to side when walking.

Obese Cat

Takeaway Points on Body Condition Score Cat

Body condition scoring of cats is a management system or estimated process that can be used to calculate the nutritional status of your cats. In my article, I give you more information about the body condition scores of cats that are very helpful for you to understand your cat’s ideal weight and body condition. Thank you for your time.

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