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Brittany Dog: The Most Beautiful Game Dog Breed of Europe

The Brittany dog was initially registered with the American Kennel Club as the Brittany Spaniel. The word spaniel was later dropped from the name because the breed works game by pointing like a setter. The dog also stands higher on its legs than the spaniels do. The United Kingdom Kennel Club continues to call the breed the Brittany Spaniel. The Alternative name of the breed is Epagneul Breton or Brittany Spaniel.

History and Origin of Brittany Spaniel

Brittany developed in mid-nineteenth century France from a cross of French spaniels and English Setters. The dog breed became famous in the United States in the 1930s and has remained among the country’s most popular hunting dogs.

History of Brittany Dog

Physical Description of Brittany Spaniel

This medium-size, strong, leggy, and compact dog has dark, deep-set eyes and short, triangular drop ears. The nose is fawn, tan, brown, and deep pink but never black. It is naturally tailless or docked to about 4 inches. The body coat is soft and wavy, orange and white or liver and white in colors. The body coat is sometimes tricolor, although this is not preferred.  

Physical Features of Brittany Dog

Brittany Spaniel Dog Colors

The colors of the Brittany dog breed are as follows:

  • Tri-color.
  • Orange and White.
  • Liver and White.
  • Piebald.
  • Black and White.
  • Roan.

Height, Weight, and LifeSpan of Epagneul Breton

The average height of the Epagneul Breton breed is about 17.5 to 20. 5 inches, and the weight is about 30 to 40 pounds. The life expectancy of the dog is 12 to 16 years.

Brittany Spaniel

Temperament or Personality of Brittany Spaniel 

Brittany Spaniel is a good-natured and lively dog that is trainable, intelligent, exuberant, and active. It is friendly and loves outdoor activities.

Purpose and Usage of Brittany Dog Breed 

The dog needs lots of exercises, and it is a highly energetic dog breed. They are hunting dogs and a good fit for those seeking an all-purpose hunting partner, a loyal companion suited to a lively, or a dog-sport teammate, outdoorsy family life.

French Spaniel

Best Ownership of the Brittany

The Brittany Spaniel dog does best with an active owner in a rural or suburban home. A hunter or other outdoorsy person suits it best. It makes a good family dog but can be too exuberant for small children. 

Special Needs of Brittany Spaniel

The specific needs of the dog breed are as follows:

Possible Health Concerns Epagneul Breton

The dog is generally healthy and fit. You must take special care of the following diseases:

Health of Brittany Spaniel

Final Talk on Brittany Spaniel Dog

The Brittany is an intelligent, agile, and attentive dog breed. If you are searching for an apartment dog that is loyal and affectionate, your best choice is the Brittany dog. In my article, I have to discuss all the information about the Brittany dog, which is very interesting for a Brittany lover. Thank you for your time.  

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