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Ainu Dog Breed: A Beautiful Small Dog Breed of Ancient Japan

The Ainu dog is a purebred dog of Japan. The alternative names of the breed are Hokkaido-ken, Hokkaido-Inu, Hokkaido, Ainu-ken. Ainu dog is a medium-sized breed, and the dogs can live in apartments and townhomes. They are natural hunters and will protect their owners. They are alert, intelligent, and loyal to their families, and these qualities have made them excellent companions dog breed.

History and origin of Aninu Dog

The origin of the breed is Japan. The Ainu was bred by the local people of Hokkaido, Japan, and they hunt deer and bears. The Ainu is an amiable dog, and they are now famous as a companion dog breed. The breed was nominated a natural monument by the Japanese in 1937.

History of Hokkaido Dog

Physical Description of Hokkaido-Inu

The Ainu is a strong, medium-sized dog with a slightly longer body than it is tall. They have a black nose, small, triangular, dark brown eyes, and small, erect ears. There are often black spots on the tongue. Their chest is deep and broad, and the tail is carried over the back. The double coat is short and thick; it comes in red, white, black, gray, sesame, or brindle.

Physical Features of Ainu Dog

Height Weight and Life Span of Ainu Dog

The height of the dog is about 18 to 22 inches, and the weight is about 45 to 65 pounds, and the life span is about 11-13 years.

Hokkaido Dog

The Temperament of Aninu Dog of Japan

The Ainu is a bold and powerful dog that can be headstrong. It is affectionate with its owner but wary with strangers. It is faithful and alert. They are fearless and determined hunters, watchdogs, guards, and defenders,s and at the same time, loyal and well-behaved dogs.

Temperament of Hokkaido Dog

Health Care Ainu-Ken Dog

The first health care decision you will make for your dog is establishing a vaccination schedule. Fortunately, many of the canine infectious diseases that ran rampant in the past can now be prevented with vaccinations or treated with medication. Infectious diseases are transmitted by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and internal parasites. The essential health care for your Ainu dog is:

  • Dental care.
  • Skin and coat care.
  • Daily Grooming.
  • Brushing and combing.

Care of Ainu Dog

Ainu Dog Breed

Socializing and Training Hokkaido-Aninu Dog

Socializing and training are requirements for your dog, and the simple fact is without socialization and training are more likely to end up with behavioral problems. If your dog behaves well inside and outside the home, you’ll want to spend more time with him. You will find that being in his company is terrific, not a chore, and even your friends will enjoy having him around. 

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