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Basenji Dog Breed: An Ancient Dog Breed of Africa That You Must Know

The Basenji dog breed is an innovative, lively family dog and can be fiercely protective of their families. The alternative name of the dog is Congo Dog or African Barkless Dog. The dog group is Pariah as per United Kingdom Kennel Club and Hound dogs as per American Kennel Club. The activity level of the dog is high. It is a hunting dog and has an independent personality. They are good with children, dogs, and families.

History and Origin of Basenji Dog

The Basenji is a descendant of the earliest pariah dogs and was used as a hunting dog as long as 3600 BC. There is a Legend about the dog breed that early Basenjis were brought from Central Africa to Egyptian pharaohs as gifts. When the Egyptian civilization declined, the breed became rare, although it was maintained in a pure state in its native country of Zaire.

History of Basenji Dog

Westerners first encountered the Basenji in the early 1900s, and several were brought to England in 1936, where they were used as hunting dogs, pointing, retrieving, and bolting prey.

Physical Description of Congo Dog

The Basenji is a medium-size, lightly built but muscular dog shorter than tall. It has a flat, wrinkled head and a shorter muzzle than the skull. The dark hazel to dark brown eyes are almond-shaped, and the nose is black. 

Physical Features of Basenji Dog

The dog breed has small, erect ears and an arched neck. The dog’s tail is high and curled, and the feet are small and compact. The coat is short and fine, chestnut red, black, tricolor, or brindle. The feet of the dog, chest portion, and tail tip are white.

Height, Weight, and Life Span of African Barkless Dog

The average height of the Basenji dog is about 16 to 17 inches, and the weight is about 22 to 24 pounds. The average life span of an African Barkless dog is 10 to 12 years.

Height and Weight of Basenji Dog

Temperament and Personality of Basenji

The Basenji is an intelligent, alert, and independent dog. The dog is affectionate with its family but protective and wary of strangers. Congo Dog is alert and curious with fastidious, catlike qualities. The dog breed yodels rather than barks.

African Barkless Dog Breed

Best Ownership of the Basenji Dog

The Basenji requires an experienced dog family in a city, suburban, or country home.

Ownership of African Barkless Dog

Special Needs of African Barkless Dog

The dog breed requires a few unique things and care that you must be considered:

Congo Dog breed

Possible Health Concerns of Congo Dog Breed

The dog originated from the harsh environment of Central Africa and is generally healthy. The dog breed is only affected by the most common dog diseases. You must be more careful about the following conditions:

Final Talk on Basenji Dog Breed

Basenji dogs are affectionate, clever, and good companions for the family or person. Congo dogs adapt well to apartment living and are friendly to kids, dogs, and strangers. Basenji has potential for mounthiness and is easy to groom. In my article, I have to discuss all the information about the dog breeds that are very important for Basenji lovers. If you are interested in other dog breeds, please don’t hesitate to visit my website. Thank you for your time.

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