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Best 20 General Cat Care Tips For Your Cute Cat

Cats are the most owned pet throughout the world, and you can easily maintain in the home. If you are a new cat owner and want to all about cat care, this article will help you a lot. The basic cat care includes the selection of proper cat breeds to the minor medication.

As a new cat owner, the basic cat cares you must know the selection of best cat breed for you, litter box, health, grooming, clipping, nail cutting, vaccination, deworming, and how to keep your cat happy. The happy cat gives you pleasure and a company in the home and makes your life enjoyable.

20 Basic Cat Care: You Must Know 

There are a lot of points you must consider before you owned a cat but don’t be afraid enough. All the basic cat care is very simple and at your hand. You can manage your cat very well if you follow the routine and make cat’s living happy at your apartment.

Cat Vaccination by Experienced Vet

1. Selection of Cat Breeds

There a large number of cat breeds available throughout the world. The different cat breeds are indifferent character, behavior, and managemental aspects. Household cats are divided into Domestic long-haired and domestic short-haired cat breeds. The general characteristics of each cat breed you can know from my article “Most Popular Cat Breeds: Choosing The Right Cat For You.” You must choose a cat breed that is easy to take care of, and everything are near to your hand of cat care.

Selection of Best Cat Breeds for You

2. Transportation of Cats

Your cats are commonly carried or shift to shows in small individuals cages. Cats may create excess noise and sound during transportation in a confined cage.  The cage must be large enough to move your cat freely and have a comfortable environment. Cat care during transportation more important because your cat may be got injured into boxes and may be afraid of transportation.   

Transportation of Cat in a Comfortable Bag3. Controlling of Cats

You can be controlled by wrapping in a towel and as a part of basic cat care, you must be very conversant about the controlling of cats. The extended claws entangle in the towel, keeping the paws within the wrap. A single limb may be withdrawn for examination or exposure of a vein to administer intravenous medication or to withdraw blood for a laboratory sample. Your cat’s head is controlled equally well and may be exposed for examination or treatment in the same manner as the legs.

Controlling of Cat with Soft Hand4. Basic Cat care- Handling

Experience in handling in your cats allows some individuals to approach seemingly vicious cats without difficulty. The inexperienced individual frequently must use special restraint techniques to minimize the chances of being scratched and bitten. It is wise to wear gloves while handling your cats, although gloves may minimize scratch injuries.

Handling of Cat with Soft Hand

5. Feeding and Diet

Feeding and cat diet are the most important points during cat care. Your cats needed high quality balanced and brand name kitten and cat food. Your vet suggests the best quality diet. In captivity, your cats cannot be adapted to supplemented vet died because they can not produce all essential amino acids from the plant origin food. The specific amino acid Taurine, the absence of this cause Degeneration of Retina of the cat slowly which is called Central Retinal Degeneration (CRD).

Feedining of Cat

The taurine generally found in cow’s milk and may cause lactose intolerance. You can give your cat lactose-free milk which is safe but cannot be substituted for meat, so you must give some meat in the cat diet. You must give your cat pure drinking water as much as it can drink.

6. Litter Box

Indoor cats may be provided a litter box containing sand or similar commercial materials (litter) and an important part in cat care. The pregnant women can receive toxoplasmosis from the infected litter boxes, transmission occurs by direct contact with those who have less immunity. You make a habit of your cat to the toilet in a specific place or in a commode that will decrease the possibility of toxoplasmosis infection.

Provide a Litter Box to Your Cat

7. Identifications

Identification is very important to general cat care; when your cats are moving outdoor, you must have to need an identification mark. You may use some cloth in the neck or identifying mark by paint on the body, or some coloration will help you to identify within the park or in a show as your cat.

Identification of Cat

8. Basic Cat Care-Grooming

Cat grooming included brushing, bathing, and nail clipping are very common in cat care. Regular brushing your cat keeps healthy and good looking that removes loose hair, dirty materials and helps to spread natural oils in the cat’s body. In a general cat, care is necessary to groom your cat daily to keep him fit.

Cat Care- Grooming

Bathing your cats regularly, it removes the parasitic infection. Use a mild shampoo that safe to use on cats. In warm temperature, you may follow to bathe your cat weekly with mildly warm water.

Nail clipping is very important in your cats and maintains a regular trimming of cats nail. The extra growth nails may cause scratch injury to you and other pets.

9. Basic Cat Care -Health Issues

The cats’ health condition depends on healthy balanced food, diets, and drinking the freshwater. Your cat needs regular vet visits and maintains the vaccination schedule. Regular health maintenance and care reduce the risk of any infection to your cats and prevent potential cat diseases.

Health Issues of Cat

10. Basic Cat Care- Housing

Your cats must need good shelter for housing for ensuring basic cat care. It is very important that the house is clean, minimum space required, dry place, and damp free area. Your cat’s bed should have soft and used a warm blanket and towel. Keep your cats indoors. When you keep your cat outdoor, he suffers from many diseases and infections. Cats’ body carries various infections and parasitic eggs, so it is wise to keep your cats indoors.

Cats are Given Soft Towel For Bedding

11. Scratching Cat Care 

Generally, cats are fond of scratching in different places like walls, curtains, and trees. The basic cat care also included caring for nails and paws. The habit of scratching is natural and you can not reduce it all of a sudden. At home, you can keep a piece of wood that allows your cat to scratch there to maintain its natural habitat.

Cat Scratching its ear

12. Basic Cat Care- Play

Cats are naturally fond of playing with kids and their owners. You must give considerable time to your cats for play, and it is also a part of basic cat care. In-home and apartment, you have such arrangements for your cats to play with some toys and materials. The playful cats are more healthy than calm cats, and that will give you more company.

Playing with Cats at Home

13. Cat Care-Fleas and Ticks Control

Parasitic infection is very irritating for your cats. This infection loses your cat’s skin and coat. So fleas and ticks removal are very important. Regular use mild brand shampoo when bathing your cats, checking should have to control the parasitic infection. If the parasitic infection occurs in your cats, you must use flea bombs on-premises, control sprays, and treat all animals in your house. You must regularly consult with the vet to take adequate control measures. There are different types of new techniques of parasitic infection control, and you may adopt any one of them for your cat care.

Inspection of Cat For Ticks

14. Cat Vaccination

Maintenance of schedule vaccination in your cat is very important in cat care. Vaccination is proven to combat the incubation and transmission of fatal cat diseases. Cat Vaccines prevent your cats from different bacterial and viral diseases. The common viral diseases are rabies, feline panleukopenia, feline calicivirus, feline leukemia, feline distemper, and feline Rhinotracheitis that needs vaccination in advance. Vaccine improves the cat’s body immune system and improves health conditions as well as longevity. The vaccine fights against fatal diseases and keeps the body free from diseases.

Cat Vaccination by Experienced Vet

15. Cat Care-Deworming

Worms are very common health problems in your cats which you cat easily treat or control. Deworming strategy is very important in the field of cat care, and you must be very regular in this matter for all of your pets at home.

The symptoms of worm infection in your cat that easily identified are vomiting, and weight loss, and parts of the worm have come out through faces. Sometimes the part of parasites comes around the anus and found in beddings. The anthelmintics treatment is needed through the oral or parenteral route.

16. Cat Care- Medicine and Poisoning

Sometimes your cat’s may ingest different types of poisoning materials or things that are very familiar at home. It is very important to identify when your pet is suffering from poisoning problems. The symptoms include excessive salivation, dilated pupil, abnormal breathing, vomiting, and diarrhea. At this type of problem, you must call a vet immediately to treat such a situation. The most common poisonous materials around the cat at the house are salt, human medicine, insects, rotten food, dead rodents, etc.

General cat Care- Visit To Your Vet

Your cat’s house must be well ventilated and access to fresh air all time. Medicine use is very important when your cat suffers from various diseases, but you must follow the vet’s prescription. Tylenol, aspirin, and paracetamol are also very fatal in your cats, so use these medications with extreme care.

17. Cat Care- Removal of Ear Mites

Ear mites are common problems of your cats and need extra cat care. It transmitted from animal to animals and even affect you. When your cat infected with ear mites, he seems to scratch his ear and shaking of his head. In this condition, you will need a vet suggestion to treat the condition. Your cats need a thoroughly cleaned process during grooming or bathing.

Inspection of Cat Ear Mites

18. Cat Care – Breeding

Your cat will come in heat several times in a year and the period will last for 4-7 days. If you bred your cat the heat period will be ended but if you are not bred the heat period may last longer. During the heat period, you must separate your female cat from the male one.

The gestation period is approximately last for 60 days, the size of the average litter is 3-5 kittens. The weaning time of kitten at 6-7 weeks of age. The young female cat reaches sexual maturity at the age of  6 months and 7 months in the case of the male cats. If you do not want to bred permanently, make the spaying by your vet. 

Cat Breeding

19. Behavior and Training

As a new in cat owner, you can give some behavioral training to your cats especially about defecation and urination. Make a good habit of your cat to the toilet in a specific place selected by you. If you make such a habit, the general cat care is mostly done. The habit will keep your house clean and free from diseases.

Training of Cat at Home

You can also give some training like different play and showing games with your cats. These will make a difference from other cats around you, and you will be happy as a cat owner. Continuous practice and correction of action make fruitful training.

20. Basic Cat Care-Additional Points

As a new cat owner and to ensure adequate cat care you need to know some basic cat care. The general weight of the cat ranges from 2.5- 7 kg, however, the Mainecone exceeds 11.3 kg body weight which is maximum. The average life span of cat 15-20 years but some cat may live a maximum of 36 years in captivity. If you keep your cat in the home, it will live longer because in the indoor cat’s the risk of accident and injury reduces.

Taking Pulse and Respiration in a cat

The normal body temperature is between 101-102° F.  A cat is considered fertile if it has a temperature of 103°F or greater or hypothermic if the temperature is less than 100° F. The average heart rate is 150-180 bpm, depending upon the level of activity.  

Conclusion and Final Advice

Cat needs very limited care and food as you can manage well. In a general cat, care is very simple, and you need to maintain some routine like cleaning of cat’s house, use the litter box, scheduled feeding and grooming, regular vaccination, deworming, and nail cutting and know the normal behavior of your cats.

The regularity in routine is the basis of all in cat care and that ultimately gives you the dividend. A well healthy cat and the well-cared cat is the utmost desire for every cat owner. You can get advance advice on cat care from your vet. I think this informations will meet up the maximum of your questions.

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