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Cane Corso Dog: A Strong and Powerful Italian Dog Breed

The Cane Corso dog is a working breed. They are highly energetic and love the outdoors. When you introduce a new puppy into your life, you want to make sure the puppy is trusting and friendly. From the starting period, the dog should interact with other dogs. The Cane Corso dog is loving and friendly and enjoys your company and being out exploring.

The Cane Corso is also known as Dogo di Puglia, which means “ dog of Puglia”. In our article, we have to discuss all the information about the loving dog breeds that are very interesting for Cane Corso lovers. So, for now, keep reading!

History and Origin of Cane Corso Dog

The dog breed is an ancient breed descended from Roman mastiffs. It came close to extinction following World War II but has been revitalized by breeders. The breed was used as a hunter of large predators, a cattle drover, and a guard of home and livestock. The origin of the Cane Corso in Italy.

Dogo di Puglia

Physical Description Dogo di Puglia

The cane Corso is a large-sized, muscular, and powerful dog that is longer than tall. The dog breed has a wide head, a short, broad muzzle, strong jaws, and a slightly undershot bite. The upper lips form an upside-down V.

Mouth of Cane Corso

The dog’s eyes are dark, the nose is black, and the medium-size drop or semi-erect ears are usually cropped erect. The dog’s tail is thick and docked. The thick skin does not wrinkle, and the body coat is short and stiff, in black, gray, fawn, or tubby stripes of fawn and gray.

Size, Height, Weight, and Life Expectancy of Dog

  • The average height of the dog breed is about 23.5 to 27 inches.
  • The weight is about 88 to 110 pounds. 
  • The dog’s average life span is about 10 to 12 years.

Temperament or Personality of Cane Corso Dog

The dog breed is an even-tempered, trainable, and quiet dog that is loyal and affectionate with its family, including children, but highly wary of strangers. The dog is very protective. They are intelligent and often aloof. The dog breed does fine with other animals as long as it is well socialized.

Physical Features of Cane Corso

Best Ownership of Dogo di Puglia

This breed does best with a guardian dog-experienced owner in a rural or suburban home. It can adapt to apartment life if it receives enough exercise.

Special Needs of Cane Corso Breed

The dog is more extensive than the average dog and needs more space than many dog breeds. The particular needs of the dog breed that you must ensure are as follows:

  • Fenced yard.
  • Leashed.
  • Socialization training.
  • Basic obedience training.

Health Concerns of Dogo di Puglia

The dog is healthy, fit for work, challenging, and brave. The dog needs scheduled vaccination against emerging and potential viral diseases. You must ensure periodical deworming for your dog. The dog is more vulnerable to the following diseases or conditions:

Concluding Words on Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a good family pet and is also known to be an excellent guard dog. They are large-sized dogs, and the dog doesn’t make the best dog for families with small kids. So, that was all of the dog breed information for beginners. Hopefully, our article has given you a rough idea of the dog breed.

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