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Border Terrier Dog: A Beautiful Dog Breed For Family and Children

The Border Terrier is an intelligent, alert, and obedient excellent family pet. The dog is a British breed of a rough-coated, small-sized dog, and they are wonderful companions who play hard and love harder. The dogs can adapt to apartment life so long as they get plenty of exercise. Borders are active dogs, and they need your special attention to make a great family dog.    

History and Origin of Border Terrier

The Border Terrier was called the Coquetdale Terrier until 1880, when it was renamed after the Border region. It is among Britain’s oldest terriers and has been used with Border foxhounds for many years. It was bred to be big enough to keep up with the horses but miniature enough to bolt foxes to the ground. It was only rarely known outside Border country until the early 1900s. The country of origin and development of the breed in Great Britain.

Origin and History of Border Terrier

Physical Description of Border Terrier Dog

This is a small and strong dog breed. The otter-like head is broad with a black nose. The eyes are dark hazel and fiery, and the small drop ears are V-shaped. The body is deep and narrow. Its somewhat short, natural tail is tapered and held high. The Border Terrier has a double body coat with a short, dense undercoat and a wiry and broken outer coat, with pronounced whiskers and a beard on the face. The dog’s color may be red, grizzle and tan, blue and tan, or wheaten. A small amount of white markings is allowed on the chest. 

Physical Features of Border Terrier

Height Weight and Life Span of Dog

The average height of the Border Terrier is 12 to 14 inches, and the weight is about 11.5 to 15.5 pounds. The average life span of the Border Terrier is about 12-15 years.

Height and Weight of Border Terrier

The Temperament of Border Terrier Dog

The dog is alert, game lover, and active in the field but good-natured and affectionate at home. The breed is well-behaved with children and other dogs, although it may view small animals as prey. They became excellent family companion pets after proper training.

Temperament of Border Terrier Dog

Health Care of Border Terrier

Living with a terrier entails a particular ability to provide care at home, both for maintenance of good health and in case of emergencies. To keep your dog in the pink, you must provide dental hygiene, parasite prevention, and medication. The dog must be vaccinated regularly with consultation with a veterinarian. There may also be situations when you need to provide your dog with first aid and emergency care.

Health of Dog

Care and Grooming of Dog

Regular grooming keeps your Border Terrier in good feeling and looking great. If you neglect to groom your dog, he can suffer from skin diseases and a bad temperament. Grooming is an opportunity to examine your dog from head to tail to monitor his health and appearance. You might notice signs of skin problems caused by injury, allergy, parasites, or infection while grooming.

Care and Grooming of Dog

Training and Socializing of Border Terrier Dogs

It is imperative to train your dogs how to fit into human lives. A well-trained dog plays a friendly attitude with you and is allowed more freedom and various opportunities for fun. You can prepare your puppy for any number of activities early in life. The first step is ensuring that your puppy is well socialized and knows the basic commands.

Socialization of Dog

Possible Health Concerns of Border Terrier

The dog is healthy and active and keeps them healthy with regular care and management. The following disease conditions must be concerned more about the breeds:

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