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Akita Dog: The Original Japanese Dog Breed That is Popular Worldwide

The Akita dog is a working, powerful, large breed that is originated in Japan. The dogs are the loyal and fearless protectors of their families. The willful, gentle, aloof Akita is intelligent and good with children, seniors, and families. They are natural guard dogs, and they require early training and socialization for their better health and performance. 

History and Origin of Akita Dog

The Akita dog is the tallest of Japan’s native breeds. The dog has originated 300 years ago and was developed as a fighting dog and hunter of the big game; its image is often used to represent better health. Although the Akita almost became extinct several times, Japan has emphasized maintaining the breed. It is now one of seven Japanese dog breeds designated as national monuments.

History of Akita

Physical Features of Japanese Akita

The Akita is a large, muscular, and well-balanced dog. Its body is longer than its length, and the dog’s chest is deep. The head is triangular-shaped, powerful, and with square jaws. The eyes are small, dark, and triangular, and the ears are naturally erect and small. The tail of the dog breed is long, single or double curl and full and carried over the back.

Physical Features of Akita

The body coat of the dog is double and has a thick, soft undercoat. The outer coat is short, straight, and harsh. The dog’s color may be in any solid color with a mask or blaze. The white Akitas dog has no mask. Pinto-colored dogs have a white background with patches of color on the head and body. 

Japanese Dog

Height Weight and Life Span of Akita

The average height of the Akita dog is about 24 to 28 inches, and the weight is about 70 to 130 pounds. The average life span of the dog is about 10-12 years.

Akita Inu

Temperament and Behavior of Dog

The Akita is a loyal, intelligent, gentle, and courageous companion. The dog is affectionate and docile with its own family but alert and wary with strangers. Although it is generally good-natured and quiet, it can be stubborn and requires socialization to get along with a range of people. This breed is often aggressive toward other dogs and can be territorial. It makes an excellent guard.

Behavior of Akita

Health Care of Dog

Choose a veterinarian before you need one. Your veterinarian is your number one adviser in dog care, so finding one isn’t a task to be taken lightly. If there’s an emergency, you don’t want to have to rely on someone with whom you’re not familiar. Linking up a veterinarian for your dog in advance is especially important if you prefer a holistic approach to canine health, choose not to vaccinate annually, or have a dog with special needs. Finding the right veterinarian can involve both referrals and personal interviews.

Akita Dog Breed of Japan

Dental Care of Akita Dog Breed

It is essential for a dog’s teeth needs to be brushed daily using a special toothbrush and toothpaste made for your dog. For dogs who aren’t willing to have their teeth brushed but have a problem with rapid tartar buildup, some veterinarians recommend feeding a special dental diet that’s designed to have a crosshatch effect on teeth, scrubbing them to the gum line. This regimen should start once the adult teeth are in when your puppy is six to eight months of age.

Japanese Akita

Possible Health Concerns of Akita Dog

They are healthy, sturdy, and can easily adjust themselves in any environment. You must vaccinate your dog with potential dog vaccines scheduled by your vet. The dog needs regular deworming advised by the vet. You must be concerned about the following health conditions:

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