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Border Collie Dog: A Herding Dog Breeds of Great Britain

The border collie dog is a herding dog breed and is an intelligent, charming, popular dog breed. It is a medium-sized dog breed and is famous for its good looks. A good Border Collie can be the companion of a lifetime because of its alertness. They are very people-oriented and are lovely family dogs. It is an excellent watchdog and will alert you to the arrival of the letter carrier, a burglar, or a squirrel.

History and Origin of Border Collie Dog

The Border Collie was originated in the Border country of Great Britain, bred to herd sheep and work closely with its owner. It is known for its use of the eye when herding sheep. The dog breed continues to be used as a sheep herding dog and companion in Great Britain and the United States of America. The dog has gained recent popularity and has become famous in canine sports, shows, especially agility. 

History of Border Collie

The breed performed with many working breeds; there is a debate over its participation in conformation shows and show and working lines development. The country of the origin of the breed in Great Britain.

Physical Description of Border Collie

The Border Collie is a medium-size, petite, and muscular dog that is longer than tall. It has a broad skull and a robust, and the muzzle is tapered. The dog’s ears are erect or semi-erect, and the eyes are blue or brown or partially blue in merles. The double coat is usually black with a white blaze and ruff, although it can be any color except all white. The tail is naturally long and sets low.

Physical Features of Collie

Height Weight and Life Span of Dog

The average body height of the Border Collie is 18 to 22 inches, and the average weight is about 30 to 50 pounds. The life span of the breed is about 10-17 years.

Lifespan of Border Collie

Colors of the Border Collie Dog

The acceptable colors of the dogs are black, white, blue, blue-Merle, red-Merle, Lilac, Brindle, Sable Merle, Chocolate, Liver, Gold, Red.

Color of Border Collie

The Temperament of Collie Dog

The dog is an intelligent, energetic, and responsive dog breed. It is affectionate with kids and family but reserved with strangers. Although the Border Collie is friendly with children and other dogs, it may try to herd them and be compulsive. This breed is hardworking and has a remarkable ability to learn. It will chase livestock, cats, and other fast-moving animals.

Temperament of Dog

Behavior of Dog

How can you know what your Border Collie is communicating? You need to look at all of the dog’s body messages. In dog language, postures and movements express mood, rank, and intension. Although understood clearly by dogs, these messages can sometimes be confusing to people.

Behavior of Dog

For example, just because a dog wags his tail doesn’t necessarily mean he’s friendly or willwelcome your approach. A wagging tail means your dog is frightened and hopes you won’t hurt him. Or it could mean he’s gearing up for a confrontation and might bite you if you trespass on his turf. So behavior is fundamental, and you need to pay special attention to the body language you can interpret.

Grooming and Care of Dog

Grooming is exceptional for your Border Collie to keep his body healthy and sound. Consider grooming requirements along with size, energy level, and exercise requirements. Brushing and combing are more critical for your dog to eliminate mats, burns, and tangles, and it removes dead hair, distributes coat oils, and stimulates the blood supply to the skin.

Health of Border Dog

Socialization of Border Collie Dog

The socialization process begins during the first several weeks after the puppies are born. Puppies, just like children, need exposure to the world so they can come to understand what it’s all about. If you keep your Border Collie puppy secluded in your house and yard, he will grow up afraid of the world around him. 

Socialization of Border Collie

Socializing your puppy is easy and fun, and it is worthwhile. It’s your job to expose him to many things and help him understand that the world is full of exciting new experiences. Your puppy will grow into a healthy, well-adjusted Border Collie dog if you do this. Puppies who are not socialized often have various behavior problems when they grow up.

Training and Exercise of Dog

Easily trainable and eager to phase, a young, active Border Collie will bounce off the walls without a job. At the same time, an elderly Pomeranian without regular tasks will be only mildly bored. Training is a great way to fit the bill for dogs, who like having something to do. Always give them tasks, and they will serve you until the day is done.  

Training of Collie

Possible Health Concern of Border Collie Dog

The dog is healthy and active. The usual diseases of dogs mainly affect the dog breed. The dog must be vaccinated your dog against potential viral and bacterial diseases. The dog needs to be dewormed at least every 3-4 months. You must be concerned about the following diseases:

  • Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD).
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy in dogs.

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