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Falabella Horse: Most Interesting Facts For Horse Lovers

Falabella is one of the rarest and smallest horse breeds of the world under the miniature family. The horse’s size is so small that it is not considered a pony; instead, it is under the miniature horses. The horses were developed by selective breeding through the decades and came at the present size. The Falabella horse is a beautiful pet horse well-suited at home and can be used as a guide animal. 

What You Need To Know About Felabella Horse

Falabella is considered the smallest horse breeds of the world. The Falabella family developed the horse in Argentina in the first half of the 18th century. There is much interesting information about the horse breed that, as a horse lover, you may need to know. They have an extremely long lifespan among all horse breeds. They have versatile uses for animal lovers. 

Falabella Horse

History and Origin Falabella Horse

Falabella horses originated in Argentina and started the breeding program by Petric Newtall in the year of 1868. Initially, the horse was started breeding from local horse breed Criollo. After the death of Petric Newtall, Juan Falabella started the breeding program and incorporated Shetland Pony, Welsh Pony, and Thoroughbred. The horses have ancestors of Andalusian, Spanish, or Arabian bloodlines. After a series of inbreeding, the horse came into the present size. The horse was first imported to the United States in the year of 1962 from Argentina. Most of the Falabella horses in America descended from these imported horses.

Physical Characteristics of Falabella 

Physical Characteristics of Falabella

Falabella horse is famous for its extremely smaller in size. The average height of the Falabella horse is from 28 to 34 inches (7 to 8.5 hands). The physical conformation of the horse is similar to Arabian and Thoroughbred horses. They are slim fitted, sleek coat, compact, and small body. The bone is sturdy, the body coat is thick, particularly in the mane, tail, and the point of the fetlock. The head is longer, and the neck is sought than the average horse, short legs, muscular, sloppy back, and intelligent eyes. The body weight is 70 to 90 pounds. The average height of the Falabella horse is 12 to 22 inches. The horse becomes fully mature within three years of age. 

Color of Falabella

Color of the Falabella Horse

The most common colors of the Falabella horses are black and bay. But the other horse colors like palomino, chestnut, brown, pintos, appaloosa, and other spotted patterns. Leopard-spotted, red or pure black colored Falabella is not so common. 

Falabella Foal

Temperament of Falabella

Falabella is an excellent miniature horse that can be the right pet animal. The horse is friendly, easy to handle, sweet-natured, highly intelligent, and balanced horse. The horse can be trained easily. They are highly sociable and can be well suited to children and kids. 

Temperament of Falabella

Uses of Falabella Horse

Falabella is a small but versatile horse breed that has many new uses. The common uses of Falabella are:

  • They are easily trainable and intelligent horses.
  • Popular horse breed suitable to ridden by small children.
  • Showjumping. They can cross obstacles up to 90 cm.
  • Driving cart.
  • Companion animals for older people.
  • Guide animals for disabled persons.

Uses of Falabella

10 Interesting Facts about the Horse

There are many exciting facts about Falabella horses, which make them unique than other horse breeds. The most interesting facts about the horses are:

  • Falabella is the smallest horse breeds in the world.
  • The horse is also rarest horse breeds.
  • The name of the horse came for a family name Falabella of Argentina.
  • The horse has a bloodline of Iberian, Spanish or Andalusian horses.
  • The horses have a conformation like Arabian and Thoroughbred horses. 
  • The horse is the longest lifespan horse in the world (up to 45 years).
  • The body weight is only 70 pounds.
  • The horse can jump up to 90 cm without a rider.
  • They are very popular in the Miniature horse show.
  • They have a wide diversity of coat colors

Interesting Facts of Falabella

Concluding Remarks

Falabella is one of the most popular miniature horses. The horse has many exciting and attractive features to choose from by many horse lovers. The horse is popular as pet and companion animals due to their extended life expectancy. In my article, I have tried to give almost all possible information for you. If you like the above information, please share it with your friends and horse lovers through social media.

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