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Connemara Pony: 12 Most Important Information for Horse Lover

Connemara pony is an excellent show pony or Ireland with a good disposition and behavior. The pony is well-behaved, versatile, and perfect for kids and children. The pony is one of the native pony breeds of Ireland, having strong work ethics. The pony is kind-hearted, hardy, and unique in Ireland.

Important Information on Connemara Pony

Connemara Pony is well known for its jumping ability. You will be surprised to know that in the 1980 Olympics, two horses clear all jumps, and one of them was a 14.1 hand half-bred Connemara Irish Pony ( Stroller). In 1930, a Connemara Pony named Nugget clear 7 feet 2 inches jump and own more than 300 international jumping prizes. In my article, I shall discuss the essential information and facts for you. You will be benefitted from knowing about the pony breed. 

Connemara Irish Pony

1. Origin and History of Connemara Pony

Connemara pony is the native pony of Iceland. There are two common theories of the origin of the pony. Connemara ponies first developed from Scandinavian Pony brought by the Vikings in Iceland. Another idea is that the pony was set from Irish Hobby, an extinct horse breed before the 13th Century. Spanis Andalusian and Armada have a significant influence on the development of the species. The Arabian, Thoroughbred, and Hackney pony added more strength in the story of the pony. The pony is widely distributed in Ireland, Britain, Australia, Europe, North and South America. 

History and Development of Connemara Pony

2. Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of the breed are standard by Connemara Horse society, established in 1923 in Iceland. The head is broad between eyes; ears are short, clearly defined cheekbones and deep, refined jaws. The back, loin, and hindquarters are deep, healthy, and muscular. The legs are relatively short, athletic, and hardy. The actions of the portions are free, easy, and active.

Height and Weight of Connemara

3. Height and Weight

Connemara pony is the tallest pony breeds in the world. The average body height of the pony is 14.2 to 15.2 hands (55 to 61 inches). The horses look like horses, but they are pony. The average weight of the pony is 400 to 500 kgs (850 to 1000 pounds). The pony developed in the harsh environment of Ireland and suitable for any cold climate of the world. 

4. Color and Markings

The standard and permitted colors of Connemara ponies are bay, brown, black, grey, chestnut, dun, palomino, cream, and roan. Color is the easiest method of identification of horses. Spotted horse colors like Pinto, piebald, and skewbald is not permitted for the horse colors. Cremello colors are also found in this pony breed.

White Connemara

White markings on the face and legs are standard identification tools for the horse. The black color is rare in Connemara, but blue-eyed cremello is common and looks stunning in Ireland’s rough weather.

5. Behavior and Temperament

The pony is one of the most intelligent and sober pony breeds. The pony is well-behaved, good temperament, and suitable for kids and beginners. The horse is calm, quiet, and excellent endurance. They are kind-natured, intelligent eyes, honest, trusting, and willing. 

Jumping by Connemara Irish Pony

6. Diet and Nutrition

Connemara ponies are hardy and can tolerate a harsh environment. They live on very little feed and diet than other horses. The pony’s usual diet is grains (maize, corn, cowpea, gram), soybean meal, wheat bran, oats, and other concentrated diets. The usual roughage for the horse is green grass, hay, straw, and silages. In some cases, you can add some vitamin and mineral supplements to the diet. 

7. Care and Management of Irish Horse

Connemara Irish horses developed in the rocky, mountainous, barren terrain of Ireland and very hardy. They require very little or less care in comparison to other horses. They require daily grooming, regular clipping, weekly bathing, hoof care, and care of mane and tails. They need a required horse stable in the cold climate of the year.  

8. Health Issues of Connemara Pony

The pony is adapted to any harsh and rough environment. The ponies are generally healthy and disease resistant. If you maintain regular vaccination and deworming schedule, the pony remains typically healthy. The horse’s only specific condition is Autosomal recessive disorder, a genetic disease and hoof wall separation that is specific to the pony breed.

Irish Connemara Pony

9. Training of the Pony

The horse requires very little training for any purpose. They are very intelligent and receptive to any training. That’s why, connemara pony is suitable for many equestrian sports discipline, and as well for kids riding.

10. Special Features of Connemara Pony

The pony has some unique features than other pony and horse breeds. I shall highlight a few of the elements for your knowing:

  • The pony is the native pony breed of Ireland.
  • The Pony breed developed in the 16th Century in the harsh environment of Ireland.
  • There are two common theories about the history and development of the species.
  • There several horse breeds like Arabian, Andalusian, Barbs, Spanis, Clydesdale, Thoroughbred, and Hackney pony.
  • The pony is the tallest pony breeds in the world.
  • They can be used both in agricultural work and for kids.
  • They are an excellent jumper pony breed.

11. Distribution Connemara Irish Horses

The pony was developed in Ireland but love by many peoples throughout the world. The pony was exported to many countries from Ireland and distributed in almost all parts of the world. Connemara Pony Horse Society was established in the 17th Century, and they set the criteria for the breed. The pony di in England, the United States of America, Australia, Switzerland, Newzealand, Finland, Denmark, France, Norway, Belgium, South Africa, Germany, Holland, Russian, Austria, and Italy. 

12. Uses of Connemara Pony

The Connemara pony is a versatile horse breed and used in many equine disciplines. The most common uses of Connemara Irish Ponies are as follows:

  • The pony is well known as a sports pony breed.
  • The Connemara Irish Pony is a versatile pony breed used in show jumping, eventing, dressage, and equine sports.
  • They are less used in Endurance Riding, though they have stamina.
  • Connemara Irish Pony show is prevalent throughout the world, particularly in England and Ireland.
  • They were widely utilized in the agricultural field and considered as a family member to many farmers. 
  • They are well behaved and excellent for kids and amateur riders.
  • The pony represents the wild beauty of Ireland.

Concluding Remarks

Connemara Irish pony is one of the most ancient pony breeds of Ireland. The pony represents Ireland in the rest of the world for wild beauty and innovation. In my article, I have tried to discuss the most information required for your desire. If the above information helps you, please share it with your friend through social media. For regular updates and recent pieces of information, please subscribe to our website. 

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