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Fjord Horse: Most Important Information for Horse Lover

Fjord or Norwegian Fjord Horse is a small draft horse breeds that originated in the mountainous region of Western Norway. The breed is an agile, hardy, small, and draft breed with a muscular body. The distinct coat color of the horse is Dun and its derivatives. The horse breed is one of the oldest pure horse breeds of Europe. The horse is easily recognizable by its sharp and robust body, insane mane, and creamy coat color. 

Essential Facts on Fjord Horse

Fjord horse is versatile horse breeds with many distinct unique qualities. Many horse lovers are surfing the internet to find a clear picture of this breed. In my article, I shall highlight the most interesting facts, information, and related knowledge for your easy understanding. 

History and Origin

History and Origin

Fjord horse is one of the magnificent and oldest horse breeds in the world. The horses were migrated to Norway more than 4000 years ago. The breed was domesticated in Norway and had a relation to Przewalski horse breeds of Asia. The archeological finding shows that Viking of Norway bred Fjord horse more than 2000 years ago. The Vikings used Fjord as a warhorse in the mountains. The horse is successfully utilized in the agricultural field for a century and was used in mountain terrains in WWII. 

Essential Information on Fjord Horse

Physical Characteristics

Fjord horse has a unique physical characteristic from other horse breeds. The horse is small, muscular, hardy, agile, and draft appearances. The horse has a stiff neck, broad and well-defined forehead, slightly dishes face, large attractive eyes, and small ears. The body coat is thick, heavy, and smooth in winter. Despite their small size, they can pull an adult man and can perform other draft works.

Physical Characteristics

The mane of the horse has unique characteristics. The inner hairs are black, and outers are white. The inner black hairs are cut slightly longer, and outer white hairs are trimmed slightly shorter that gives an exceptional look of the neck like black stripe on the crest of the neck. Naturally, the mane and tail of the horse are thick, long, and heavy. There are feathered at the lower portion of legs, but excessive feathering is discouraged for the breed characteristics. 

Height and Weight of the Horse

The horse is between the pony and small horses. The average height of the horse stands between 13.2 to 14.3 hands (135 to 155 cm). The average weight of the horse is 850 to 1100 pounds. The horse is considered a horse regardless of its size and weight. 

Height and Weight of Fjord Horse

Color and Marking of Fjord Horse

The unique and distinct color of the horse is Dun. There are five variations in the dun color of the horse. The Norweigian Horse Registry officially recognizes these shades. The five shades are brown Dun, grey, white Dun, yellow Dun, and Uls dun. Brown dun is the most common color. White marking on the body are rare. 

Color and Marking of Fjord

The Temperament of Fjord Horse

Fjord horse is docile, intelligent, hard-working, and agile breed. The horse is suitable for kids and beginners. They can be easily trained for riding and agricultural work. They were used in mountain warfare for centuries. They are powerful and capable of sustain in extreme weather. 

Temperament of Fjord Horse

Multiple Uses Norwegian Fjord Horse

Norwegian Fjord Horse is a versatile horse breed that can be used for many purposes. The most common uses are:

  • They can be used as a general riding and driving pony.
  • Riding for kids and beginners.
  • Agricultural works.
  • Pulling logs and trees.
  • Warhorses in WWII.
  • The Vikings used them in mountain warfare.
  • They are used widely in Equine Therapeutic School.
  • Magnificent tourist horse in Norway.
  • They are excellent in competition, especially in combined driving.
  • They are used as Pack animals in mountain areas for transportation of goods and men.
  • Famous show horses due to their distinct mane.

Uses of Fjord Horse

Most Interesting Facts on Fjord

Norwegian Fjord Horse is a versatile horse breed and has many interesting facts for the horse lovers. The distinct characteristics of the horse breeds are:

  • Fjord horse is the oldest and purest horse breed.
  • The Fjord is not a Pony; instead, it is considered as the horse.
  • The horse is used in Equine therapy for physically and mentally disabled patients.
  • The horse is used for kids and beginners. 
  • The Vikings used Fjord before 2000 years ago.
  • The horse was used in the Mountain Warfare in WWII.
  • The mane is plain black at the crest of the neck.

Concluding Remarks

The Fjord is a famous horse breed that originated in the Mountains of Norway. Now the horse is a famous horse breed of the world for their outstanding characteristics and qualities. Many horse lovers like the horse. The information I have provided in my article is crisp, concise, and helpful. I think you will be benefitted from the article. 


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