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Paso Fino Horse: 11 Most Interesting Facts For Horse Lover

Paso Fino horse is one of the world’s most beautiful and smooth-gaited horse breeds. The horse was imported to Caribbean Island by Christopher Columbus from Spain. The horse was developed in this present condition by breeding with Spanish Jennet, Andalusian, and Barb horses. The horse is most famous for its natural four-beat ambling gait, smoothness and used in many disciplines, especially in trail riding.

Most Important Information on Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino horse is most popular to many horse riders with back pain due to super smooth gaits. You can ride this horse the whole day without any trouble. This horse is the first choice in endurance riding and trail riding. In my article, I shall highlight the most critical points on this versatile horse breed for you.

Information on Paso Fino Horse

1. History and Origin of Paso Fino Horse

The name of the horse was given by Christopher Columbus, meaning “Paso Fino” or Fine Steps. The horse was brought from Spain during the 16th century by Spanish colonists in the Dominican Republic. The horse was developed by blending the Andalusian horse, Barb, and the Spanish Jennet horse. All the Pasos horses like Peruvian Paso, Kiger Mustang, and other Spanish horses of Columbia and Puerto Rico. 

History of Paso Fino

Two different varieties of Paso Fino horses were developed in Puerto Rico and Columbia. American soldiers discovered the smooth gaited horse breed and brought it to North America. The horse was developed in this present shape by selectively breeding and keeping its original traits. 

2. Physical Characteristics

Paso Fino is a medium-sized horse breed. The horse has a convex head, the back is relatively short, the withers are prominent, and the legs are clear. The hooves are clear, and canon bones are short. The mane and tail have a thick bunch of hairs. 

Gaited Horse- Paso Fino

3. Height and Weight

The average height of a Paso Fino horse 13 to 15 hands (52 to 60 inches). The horse is more powerful and energetic than its size. The average bodyweight of the horse is about 400 to 450 kgs (800 to 1000 pounds). The horse attains its full maturity at the age of five.

Height and Weight of Horse

4. Color and Markings

The horse is found in almost all horse colors. The most common colors of the Paso Fino horse are bay, brown, chestnut, black, grey, palomino, or cream. The horse has a distinct flowing and long mane and tail. White markings on the face, body, and legs are accepted for the registration of this horse.

Color and Marking of Paso

 5. Behavior and Temperament

Paso Fino is a well-behaved, intelligent, and versatile horse breed. The horse is suitable for all age group riders, including kids, beginners, and riders having back pain. The horse is easily trainable and can ride for a longer duration without tiring. The horse’s smooth gait ensures the comfort of rider and horse. The horse can be made best friend with minimum care and management. The horse is well suited for pleasure riding.

Puerto Rican Paso

6. Feed and Nutrition of PasoFino Horse

The horse lives on minimal feed and mostly on pasture and hay. If the horse is in regular work, you need not supply much concentrate feed in their diet. In a normal situation, the horse can manage nutrition from pasture and hay. You can give standard concentrate feed having protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, and minerals. The usual ingredients are corn, barley, cowpea, soybeans, seed meals, and available feed in your locality. In stressed conditions, you can provide horse supplements suggested by your vet.

Horse Show- Paso Fino

7. Care and Management of Horse

If you want to keep your horse fit and good-looking, maintain the horse daily. The daily maintenance of the horse includes grooming, feeding, exercise, and watering. The horse needs bathing in the summer and hot climate. The horse requires monthly clipping of mane, tail, and extended hairs. You must ensure regular care of the hoof and its maintenance. 

Care and Management of Paso Fino

8. The health of a horse

The horse is generally healthy, and no specific disease is found in the horse. It would be best if you give the vaccine to your horse against most emerging diseases. The horse requires regular inspection by an equine vet and takes his advice. The horse is suffering from usual equine diseases, and you must improve your horse’s preventive measures. Regular deworming keeps your horse healthy and free from internal and external parasites.

9. Gaits of Horse 

The horse exhibits a natural four-beat ambling gait which is similar to many gaited horses. Both the Puerto Rican and Columbian Paso Fino horses show the natural ambling gaits without any training aids. The Paso fino’s gaits are performed at a varied level to the extension astride. The horse’s four hooves traveled close to the ground and lifted equally, and the same height covers from the ground. The smoothness of the horse riding is continuing at every speed from lower to higher. The types of gaits are:

  • Classic Fino or Paso Fino: The gait is collected gait, and rapid footfalls cover as little ground as possible. The gait needs a high degree of collection. The classic fino is reserved for show competitions.

Gait of Paso

  • The Paso Largo: The gait is slightly more extended and used in trail riding. This gait speed is compared to trot in an average horse but much smoother than the trot.
  • The Paso Corto: The gait is lateral, fast, and four-beat, and the speed of the gait is equivalent to canter or slow gallop. The gait is not only an increase of speed but also a distinct extension of them astride. This gait’s maximum speed is 25 to 30 miles per hour (41 to 50 km per hour).

10. Unique Characteristics of Paso Fino Horse

The unique characteristics and features of the horse are as follows:

  • The horse one of the earliest horse breeds that brought from Spain to America.
  • Christopher Columbus brought the initial horses to Carribien Islands.
  • The horse was brought to the United States of America after WW II by American soldiers.
  • The horse has a unique natural four-beat ambling gait that is different than other gaited horses.

Unique Characteristics of Paso Fino Horse

11. Uses of the Horse

The horse is versatile and used in many equestrian disciplines. The uses of the horse are:

  • Trail riding.
  • Endurance riding.
  • Pleasure riding.
  • Companion animals.
  • Driving.
  • Gymkhana.
  • Horse show.
  • Useful for riders having back pain.

Uses of Paso Fino Horse

Concluding Remarks on Paso Fino Horse

The Paso fino is one of the finest horse breeds in the world due to its natural gait. The horse attains popularity by its purity and unique gaits. The horse is successfully utilized in many equestrian disciplines and achieve many awards. The horse is the right choice for kids and beginners. In my article, I have tried to highlight most of the points about the horse breed. I think these will enhance your passion for the horse.

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