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Belgian Warmblood Horse: The Newest Beautiful Horse Breed of Europe

The Belgian Warmblood horse is one of the newest horse breeds in Europe. The horse is lighter than the Belgian Heavy draft horse (Brabant) and is used for dressage, show jumping, pleasure riding, and other equestrian games. 

Important Information About Belgian warmblood

The Belgian Warmblood horse is one of the newest horse breeds in Europe. The horse was developed from the famous Belgian draft horse. The horse was restricted from breeding for the last 100 years. Many horse lovers search for the beautiful horse. I have accumulated all possible information for your choice.


Origin and History of BWP

The horse breeders of Europe developed many lighter horse breeds before the 19th century. The Belgian government strictly restricted the cross-breeding of Heavy Belgian Draft horses until 1950. After the withdrawal of breeding restrictions, the luxurious horse breeders started to develop Belgian Warmblood horses. 

History and Development of Belgians

The initial breeding of the BWB was started in France and Netherlands with jumping horses. Later on, Hanoverian and Holstein horses were also added to this bloodline. Over the years, the horse was developed by breeding with Anglo-Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Gerderlands from the Netherlands, and Selle from France.

Registration of BWP Horse

Belgian Warmblood horses are registered per coat colors, conformation, and pedigree chart. The registration process in the studbook is done by rigorous selection. A brand mark on the left thigh is the most common way to identify BWP. The mark is given during foal selection by the juries. 

Jumping by Belgian Warmblood

BWP stallions are placed in front of juries at ages three to four. The juries go through stallion licensing tests, veterinary inspection, conformation, jumping ability without a saddle, and evaluation of stallion qualities under the saddle. The mares of BWP are subjected to the same selection process, but the jumping qualities are kept elective.

Physical Features of Belgian Warmblood Horse

Belgian Warmblood Paard is known worldwide as BWP. The horse is medium in size, well-developed shoulder, rectangular conformation, extensive outlines, and has excellent paces. The horse’s body is compact and muscular, bones are solid, the shoulder is slopping, the hindquarters are powerful, and the neck is elegant. The horse’s chest is deep, and the strong legs are well fitted to delicate hooves. 

Physical features of BWP

Height and Weight of BWP

The ideal height of the horse breed is 16 to 17 hands (64 to 68 inches). The mares of BWP are less than 15.1 hands and are not allowed to breed. The average body weight of the horse is 450 to 550 kgs (1000-1200 pounds).

Height and Weight of BWP

Color and Markings of Belgian Warmblood Horse

The usual colors of BWP are bay, brown, chestnut, black, and grey. Pinto markings are also found on the body but are usually rare. Blaze and sniff markings are standard in Belgian horses. 

Colors of Belgian Warmblood Horse

Health and Care of BWP

The horse is generally healthy and affected by common equine diseases. The horse needs regular deworming and vaccination. The horse needs daily grooming, a good stable with ventilation facilities, and regular hoof care.

Nutrition of The Belgian Warmblood Horse

The horse lives on usual horse feeds like grains and green grasses. Pasture is the best for growing and less active horses. The pasture must have mixed grasses that may supply adequate nutrition for the horse. You can give a specific horse supplement for a specific purpose. 

Feed and Nutrition of BWP

The Behavior of a Belgian Warmblood

The BWP is a well-behaved, intelligent, and elegant horse breed. The horse is easily trainable and excellent in dressage, three-day eventing, and jumping. The horse is also suitable for pleasure riding. 

Behavior of Belgian Warmblood

Versatile Uses of a Belgian warmblood

The horse is one of the newest breeds in Europe and is used for equestrian sports effectively. The versatile uses of the horse breed are as follows:

  • Dressage.
  • Three-day eventing.
  • Pleasure riding.
  • Horse jumping.
  • Show hunters.

Final Talk on Belgian warmblood

The horse is an excellent European breed developed in the 20th century. The horse regularly performed in Olympic games, hunter shows, and dressage. The horse, Big Ben, won more than a million dollars in prize money in a show jumping event. I have discussed almost all possible information about BWP. I think you will be benefitted from my article. Thank you for your patience in reading.

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