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Polo Ponies: 10 Most Important Facts You Should Know

Polo ponies are used to identify the horses’ uses in Equestrian Sports polo. The polo ponies may be from any breed of horses or a combination of two or more breeds. The horses are called ponies due to their size but are agile, energetic, and intelligent like a horse. The size of the polo pony is almost the size of a horse. 

What is Polo Ponies?

While you watch horse polo, the horses are a  little smaller than the average horses. The horses are agile, intelligent, brave, speedy, and fast. The polo is one of the most popular and ancient equestrian sports. Polo is enjoyable to horse lovers. Polo requires four horses in a team and needs to be changed within the game. The horses are trained specially to be fit for the sports.

The Polo Ground
The Polo Ground

History of Horse Polo

Polo is one of the oldest horse games that originated in Central Asia and Persia (Iran) 2600 years ago. Polo was the first cavalry game and was initially played by kings and knights. The game is also called the King’s game. 

Equine Polo

Polo was spread from Iran to Arabs, China, Japan, and India. The game came to the Indian subcontinent by the Muslim warriors. The British first played Polo in Assam and formed European Polo Club in 1869 at Silchar, Assam. The British polo players mostly used Manipuri pony for polo. The game became popular in Europe and America among English players.

Polo Horse Breeds 

Numerous horse breeds are perfect for polo. The horse must be controlled in size, easily handled, fast, agile, and intelligent. The most commonly used horse breeds for polo are Thoroughbred, Manipuri pony, American Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred-Quarter, Arabians, Argentine Polo horse, and Himalayan pony.

History of Horse Polo

Size of Polo Horse

The average height of the polo horses is 13.2 hands (54 inches) to 15.1 hands (61 inches). The size of the polo ponies varies from time and location. The polo horses never cross the height of 16 hands (64 inches). The maximum height of ideal pony horse breeds is 14.2 hands (58 inches). 

Dresses of Horse Polo
Dresses of Horse Polo

Preparation and Training of Polo Horses

The polo ponies need specialized training and acclimatization to the polo ground. The horses need to be familiar with the polo balls, mallets, and other equipment used in the game. The polo training of horses starts at the age of three, and the duration is six months to 2 years. The trained horse can play polo for up to 18 to 20 years without accidents.  

Equine Polo

The polo horses should not be shy while swinging the mallets over the head and chasing other horses. The polo games have 4 to six slots pr chukka, each lasting for 7 minutes. The horse must be conditioned for this short and intense duration of training. The horses need excess energy in the diet, and natural quality horse feeds.  

Grooming and Dressing of Polo Ponies

The horse ready for polo should be appropriately groomed. The mane should be hogged, and the tail should be plaited, so the mallet does not tag with the hairs. In earlier days, the tail of polo horses was docked, but in recent days the animal welfare group considered this cruel for animals. The horse has a jersey for the team that wears over the body and has a chest number. 

Shots of Horse Polo

Are Polo is Cruel To Horses?

Polo is a ruthless equestrian sport. The horse needs rigorous training and preparation for the games. The game is considered a classic athletic game for horses. The horse may fall accidents, sprint, laminitis, and hoof problems if not appropriately trained. The polo players were also trained properly to continue the game. 

Origin of Equine Polo

Final Talk on Polo Ponies

Polo horses are valuable for sports horse polo. The game is enjoyable, charming, mind-freshening, and thrilling. You can enjoy the games with friends and family. As an equine expert, I have highlighted the basic features of polo ponies. The information will enrich your knowledge. Thank you for your patience in reading. 


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