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Suffolk Punch Horse: Most Important Information About This Rare Breed

Suffolk Punch or Suffolk sorrel is a draft horse breed of England. The horse was named after a place, “Suffolk” in East Anglia and “Punch,” an old English word that means a stout and short person.  The horse is very energetic, mostly chestnut in color, heavy, and energetic gaits. The horse was developed in the 16th century and became popular in the early 20th century. The horse was widely used in agricultural work, pulling the carriage, non-mechanized vehicles, and artillery guns. After the mechanization and invention of steam engines, the necessity of the horse decreased. The horse is now declared the most endangered breed in England by Rare Breed Survival Trust and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Important Information About Suffolk Punch

Suffolk Sorrel is a native English draft horse breed. The horse was developed mainly for agricultural work from a few other horse breeds. The horse served its purpose minutely before the mechanization of agriculture. At present, the horse is one of the most extinct horse breeds in the world. In my article, I shall highlight the interesting information on this gentle giant horse breed of England.

Origin and History of Suffolk Sorrel

Origin and History

Suffolk Punch is one of the oldest horse breeds in England that developed in the 16th century. The horse breed was developed from British Dales ponies and the European Haflinger horse breed. Later the Norfolk Trotter and Thoroughbred horse contributed to the present Suffolk Punch horse. The horse developed in the eastern part of England in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas. The popularity of the horse breed increased during the First World War. The horse was used for transport, pulling guns, agricultural works, and heavy drafting purposes.

The popularity and uses decreased dramatically after World War II. Mechanical instruments and vehicles took the place of the horse. The horse disappeared, and in 1998 only 80 breeding mares were present in England. In 2001, the horse breed was declared the rarest breed of England. In 2011, the total population of the horse breed was around 800-1200 in the United States of America and 150 in England.

Information on Suffolk Punch

Physical Characteristics of Horse

The Suffolk Punch is comparatively shorter than other British draft horses like Shire and Clydesdale. The horse is massively built as they were developed to work in the agricultural field. The neck is powerful, arching, and muscular. The shoulder is sloping; the back is wide and short, the croup is broad and muscular. The legs are short, strong, and the joints are broad. The hooves are sound and well-formed.  The movement of this horse is energetic, especially at trot.

Physical Characteristics of Suffolk

Height and Weight of Suffolk Sorrel

The average height of Suffolk Punch is 16.1 to 17.2 hands (65 to 70 inches or 165 to 178 cm). The average body weight of the horse is about 900 to 1000 kgs (2000 to 2200 pounds).

Color and Markings of The Horse

The horse is generally uninformed in the color that is Chestnut or locally spelled “Chesnut.” The horse is found in several varieties like dark, light, and red.  In the United Kingdom, the horse colors are often described as dull dark, dark liver, and bright chestnut. A white marking on the body and head is rare, but small areas of lower legs are frequently found white. 

Behavior of Suffolk Sorrel

Behavior and Temperament

The horse is big but very docile, well-tempered, and well-behaved. The horse is intelligent and easy to train. The horse is easily used in any heavy work. The horse’s body and legs are strong enough to take heavy loads.

Uses of Suffolk Punch Horse

The versatile uses of Suffolk Punch horses are as follows:

  •       The horse was mainly used in the agricultural field.
  •       In wartime, it was used for pulling artillery guns.
  •       Like other draft horses, used for pulling non-motorized vans and carts.
  •       Today the horse is used for forestry operations, draft works, and advertising.
  •       The horse is used for cross-breeding to produce heavy sports horses in show jumping and hunter competitions.
  •       The horse contributed to developing the Vladimir heavy Draft horse of Russia, Jutland horse breed of Denmark, and a few mule breeds.

Concluding Remarks on Suffolk Punch

Suffolk Sorrel is a comparatively larger and intelligent horse breed of the British Isles. The horse originated in the 16th century and served the nation for more than 300 years. The horse started to disappear, and breeders lost interest in their breeding after WWII. Now the horse has become one of the rarest horse breeds in the world. Horse lovers have a keen interest in this horse breed.

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