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Orlov Trotter Horse: The Oldest Trotting Horse Breed of Russia

The Orlov Trotter has considered one of the best trotting breeds in the world. The horse is considered the most famous horse breed in Russia. The horse is one of the most ancient trotter breeds due to its stamina and endurance. The horse was only trotter horse before the development of the American Standardbred horse was probably the best.

History of Orlov Trotter Horse

The Orlov Trotters date back to 1778 when Count Orloff-Tschesmenski founded the stud at Khrenov with a silver-grey Arab stallion called Smetanka. Although Smetanka was at stud for only one year, he sired four sons and one daughter. One of his sons sired Bars-I’s celebrated stallion, noted for his great action, especially at the trot. This stallion, by the Arab stallion Polka out of a Dutch mare, passed down the valuable qualities later developed by selective inbreeding to produce the outstanding trotter we see today, and one of the Russian most celebrated breeds.

History of Race in Russia

The Orlov Trotter is still a breed and crosses with the American Standardbred has produced a breed of a modern trotter, the Metis, which races on all the trotting tracks in Europe.

History of Trotting Races in Russia

The trotting races were held in Moscow as far back as 1799. They usually took place in the winter, and the horses raced with lightweight sleights. The sport developed rapidly during the 19th century, and in 1834 the Moscow Trotting Society was formed. The Orlov Trotter was improved and prospered as a racing horse, and speeds up to 3.2 km in 5 minutes and 45 seconds were reached, although this has not been suppressed. The Orlov, however, has now just been used as a racehorse.

Beautiful Orlov Trotting Horse

Count Orlov also formed a breed of Orlov Saddle Horse, mainly by crossbreeding Arabs with English Thoroughbreds and using Danish and Dutch blood with a touch of native strains.

Physical Characteristics of Orlov Trotter

The horse has an extensive and muscular body. The horse’s head is large, the eyes are large and expressive, the neck is arched and set high, the croup is broad, and the withers are prominent. The legs are solid and muscular. The joints are big and prominent. The tail is fluffy and well-defined.

Physiacal Features of Russian Trotter

Color of Orlov Horse of Russia

The usual color of the horse is grey. The foal born is dark in color, and during maturity, the horse turns grey. The color of the horse, also called Bay, turned grey (BTG). The other colors of the horse are chestnut, black, and grey. The other horse colors are not recognized for the breed.

Physical Features of Russian Trotter

Height and Weight of Orlov Trotter Horse

The horse is a robust and more giant breed. The average height of the horse breed is 15.2 to 17.2 hands (62 to 70 inches). The average weight of the horse breed is about 900 to 1000 pounds (450 to 500 kgs). 

Height of Russian Trotter

The Temperament of Russian Trotter

The Orlov Trotter is valued for its soundness, longevity, high fertility, power, and endurance. The horse can acclimatize to different environmental conditions. Over the years, the breed has experienced infusions from other breeds, notably the Thoroughbred and Mecklenburg. 

Temperament of Orlov Trotter

Diet and Nutrition of Horse

The horse is more prominent and requires more food than other horse breeds. The horse lives mainly on grass and pasture. The Orlov horses can live on little food and hay during the long winter. You must ensure balanced nutrition for your horse to maintain health and stamina. The horse diet contains hay, green grass, grains, vitamin and mineral supplements. The horse should have access to drinking water at all times.

Russian Orlov Trotter

Health and care of Orlov Trotter

The horse requires daily grooming for at least one hour. The horse should be clipped at the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring. The horse is usually healthy and can be affected by general equine diseases. You must vaccinate your horse yearly and deworm at every three months interval.  

Unique Features of Orlov Trotter

Unique Characteristics of Russian Orlov Horse

The unique features of the horse are:

Care of Russian Trotter

Versatile Use of Orlov Trotter

The horse is a versatile breed used in various disciplines of equestrian sports and working capabilities. 

  • The breed also proved very popular as a carriage horse.
  • The horse was used in the agricultural field and drafting horses for a long time.
  • The horses for breeding have been chosen for quality as well as speed.
  • The endurance and speed of the horse made him an excellent driving horse. 
  • The horse is also used as a racehorse, dressage, trotting, and other competitions. 

Final Talk on Orlov Trotter Horse

The horse is one of the first trotting horse breeds developed in Russia. The ancestors of the breed are Arabian stallion and European mare. The horse breed is a unique mixture of Arabian speed, stamina, and European gait. The horse is versatile and used in many equestrian disciplines. The horse is also used as working animals in the agricultural field, pulling carriage, and harness racing. The horse is one of the best choices for pleasure riding and endurance riding.

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