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American Saddlebred Horse: Most Interesting Information For Horse Lover

American Saddlebred is a horse of American-made. The horse was developed from riding-type horses during the American Civil war. The Thoroughbred, Canadian pacer, Morgan and Narragansett Pacer are considered the ancestors of this excellent horse breed. Initially, American Saddlebred was known as “Kentucky Saddler” and was mainly used for officers riding horses in Civil War. 

During the age of 20th century, the popularity of the horse increased. The horse was started to export in Britain, Australia, Continental Europe, and South Africa. The initial breed registry was formed in 1891, and so far, more than 250,000 horses registered. The individual breed registry was also formed in many countries. 

Important Information on American Saddlebred Horse

American Saddle breed is a medium-sized racehorse that originated in the United States of America. The horse is an intelligent, good-tempered, and gaited horse. The horse can be trained to perform a four-beat ambling gait and can move faster. In my article, I shall discuss the most exciting information on this popular horse breed.

Important Information about American Saddlebred

1. Origin History of American Saddlebred Horse

The first American Colonist initially developed the horse by breeding with Narragansett pacer with the Thoroughbred horse during 1700 AD. During the 1800s, the new horses were imported like the blood of Morgan horse was added to the breed for speed and gait. The horse was developed in Kentucky as was known as the Kentucky Saddle horse. A Canadian pacer was added to this horse bred to preserve the imported bloodlines. After the American Civil war, the horse was bred for its beauty, elegant behavior, and excellent show rings. 

Origin and History of ASH

2. Distribution and Societies

After WW I, the horse was exported to South Africa and began one of the most famous racehorse breeds. National Saddlebred Horse Breeder Association (NSBHA) was formed in 1891 and was the first horse association of American origin. The horse associated was later changed the name to American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) in 1980. The horse was also exported to Britain, Australia, and continental Europe. The Saddlebred horse association and studbook were established in each of the countries. The ASHA registered more than 250,000 horses, and annually more than 3,000 new foals registered.

Beautiful American Horse

3. Physical Characteristics

American Saddlebred horse is one of the most beautiful horse breeds of the United States. The horse’s head is well-shaped, the neck is strong, straight, long, and arched. The withers are solid and well-defined, the shoulder is slopping, the ribs are well-sprung, and the correct conformed legs. The croup is finely leveled with a high-set tail. 

Physical Characteristics of American Saddlebred

4. Height and Weight

American Saddlebred is a medium-sized, well-behaved horse. The average height of the horse is 15 to 17 hands (60 to 68 inches). The average height of the horse is 450 to 550 kg (1000 to 1200 pounds). 

Height and Weight of ASH

5. Color and Markings of the Horse

American Saddlebred horses found almost all horse colors. The most common colors of the horse are black, brown, bay, and chestnut. Some horses may have roan, grey, pinto, or palomino colors—the horse bearing less or minimum markings on their body

Colors and Markings of Saddlebred Horse

6. Behavior and Temperament

American Saddlebred horse is one of the world’s most beautiful horses and was known as “peacock” in the horse’s world. The horse is intelligent, elegant, calm, and well-behaved and an excellent horse rider for kids and beginners. The horse is easily trainable and accepts hardship positively. The horse is obedient, multitalented, and durable.

Behavior and Temperament of ASH

7. Care and Management

The requires dairy care like grooming, bathing, feeding, watering, and exercise. You must groom your horse daily at least twice and take a minimum of 30 minutes at each session. The horse requires hoof care and trimming at regular intervals. You must arrange hoof inspection and trimming by an expert farrier at least every month. Regular clipping of the mane and tail keeps your horse elegant.  

Gaits of American Saddlebred

8. Feed and Nutrition

The horse requires a balanced diet in their ration. The daily diet of the horse must have protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals. The usual feed of the horse is grains like corn, barley, soya bean, and roughages. You can take your horse in the pasture to fulfill daily roughage requirements or supply green grass at the paddock. The horse must have access to pure drinking water all the time at the paddock or in stables.

Horse America Made

9. The Health of the Horse

American Saddlebred horse is generally healthy and is affected by prevalent diseases of horses. The horse has some specific health problems like ringbone, stifle and hock joint lameness, and sidebone. The condition typically occurs in the front hooves due to excessive deposition of calcium. You must arrange a routine to check regular health checkups by an equine veterinarian.  

Dressage by American Saddlebred

10. Unique Features of the Horse

American Saddlebred horse is the “Horse America Made.” The unique features of the horse breed are:

  • National Saddle Horse Breeders Association (NSHBA) was the first American association of native horses established in 1891.
  • The horse is the most popular non-racing horse in South Africa.
  • A stallion of a Saddlebred horse named “Denmark” is considered the ancestor of this breed.
  • The American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) published a magazine, ‘The American Saddlebred Magazine.’
  • American Saddlebred horse is known as the most beautiful horse of American origin.
  • The life expectancy of the ASB horse is about 25 to 30 years.
  • The horse was a famous officer’s horse during the American Civil War.
  • The horse wasdeveloped from four prominent horse breeds like the Thoroughbred horse, Canadian Pacer, Morgan, and Narragansett pacer horse.
  • The horse is gaited horse and can show a five-footed ambling gait, three-gaited or four-beat gaited.
  • The horse is also famous in movies, TV serials, and magazines.

 11. Uses of American Saddlebred Horse

The American Saddlebred Horse is a multidimensional horse breed and used in many equine disciplines. The common uses of the horse are as follows:

  • Pleasure riding.
  • Assorted in-hand classes are riding.
  • Three-gaited or five-gaited horse riding competitions.
  • Hunter country pleasure.
  • Western pleasure.
  • Roadstar harness classes riding.
  • Fine harness riding.
  • Pleasure driving.
  • Endurance riding.
  • Dressage.
  • Showjumping.
  • Competitive trail riding.
  • Eventing.
  • Combined driving.
  • The horse is also suitable as a family pet for pleasure riding.

The horse was famous during the American Civil War and used for Officer riding horses.

Final Talk on American Saddlebred Horse

The “Horse America Made” is an excellent horse breed and popular in many countries. The horse is multitalented, intelligent, and obedient. The horse is a passion to many horse lovers. In my article, I have highlighted most of the facts and interesting information about the versatile horse breed. This article will help you and enrich your knowledge. 

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